The Balcony

Raad Chalabi, PhD


This book provides a spectrum of unique means to view life from different angles. In Chalabi’s book, readers will recognise that by looking in the mirror they attempt to understand themselves through the events they see. In a bazaar, they are walking towards those events; whereas in a balcony they observe events that are walking towards them. This significant feature of The Balcony makes it distinct from his other books. The well-laden details in this book helps unbuckle two people who selfishly dedicate their attention merely to each other—allowing them a room to breathe and embrace positivity from others.

“Some are so consumed by their partner that they dedicate their attention to him or her oblivious to their surroundings; others are also as consumed with their partner that they are continuously alert to their surroundings to ensure the partner is protected from events,” asserts Ramiz, Raad’s alter ego. The conversations in this book are diverse and they bring realisations that will modify the readers’ outlook about life, true love, the purpose of one’s existence, the usefulness of being unique, the reasons to love, and so much more.

In this fresh volume, Chalabi emphasizes that life is always about options and living is about choosing from those options. The stories readers will witness on The Balcony will somehow provide inspiration and a better understanding on how to make better choices—they are stories of people from all walks of life shared to make a difference in the life of those who read them.