Raad Chalabi, PhD


When we face a fluke incident in life, a question that always comes to mind is ‘why me?’

The simple answer, according to our friendly grocer, Ramiz Alkishin, is: ‘It is never you in particular. It is just that an event occurs in your presence; how you and others react to this event creates realities out of a multi-universe of possibilities’

In his new book Why Me author Raad Chalabi, through his alter ego Ramiz Alkhishin, explores this idea through ten short plays; where the fluke event itself may not be under the control of the characters involved but how they reacted to it is.

The book Why Me extrapolates a concept, known to physicist as the ‘butterfly effect’, (which postulates that the mathematics of chaos theory implies that a butterfly fluttering its wings in one part of the world may cause a hurricane in another part) to explain how sudden, unforeseen and unpredictable events can effect human life.

Each play in the book Why Me starts from a single scene that appeared in one of Ramiz’s earlier books; it then progresses to breed more scenes, which as they unfold, demonstrate the force of the ‘butterfly effect’.