Raad Chalabi, PhD


The Lobby welcomes them with new reports on conversations heard on but never recounted before by the author. Each conversation brings something new and relevant to one’s existence, a tidbit of the greater understanding about life and its riddles. Similar situations or matters may occur, but still it is the readers’ perception, comparison and conclusion that give definition to each dialogue. The book itself is a simple challenge for readers to reach beyond what they read—inspiring them to put themselves into the shoes of characters to uncover great wisdom.

“Life is a continuous learning process; what I know today is not necessarily what I know tomorrow,” says the author. These dialogues are expected to tickle readers’ imagination—emancipating a segment of their mind to explore ideas about effective management, handling emergency issues, the cycle of life, the evolution of things, the wonders of relationships, and many other realities and human concerns—political, social, historical, emotional, and many others—that make up the thing called life.