Software To Money

A Private Company Approach

Raad Chalabi, PhD

Starting up your own software company?

Discover a private company approach that will help boost your success rate!

Author Raad Chalabi, PhD’s Software To Money provides a pragmatic look into how to transfer a software product that matches a business opportunity into a flourishing private company. Here you will learn the management techniques that were employed to transform a small software private company to a company worth millions of US$.

Software To Money highlights areas that need special attention from a business prospective. It documents those management tools that proved useful in converting a small software licensing company to a major enterprise. The concepts discussed are those most suited to private companies but could have a more generic value to those who are interested in practical management issues.

The book assumes that the reader already knows what software he or she plans to market and to what industry it is intended to be licensed. Software To Money therefore covers some tested management tools that could be employed to make the venture a business success.