Raad Chalabi, PhD


Ramiz Alkhishin, the author’s alter ego, is a grocer. He has a passion for a life that is as independent as possible from its surroundings. To him the ‘trendy’ place to be in is the one to avoid, while the ‘traditional’ road to follow is the one to by-pass. He has already documented some of his thought-adventures in eight earlier books.

The author, in his new book, The Whispering Molecules, listened to and recorded the whispers of a variety of inert composites.  The result of this imaginary project was a series of forty six stand-alone story dialogues where these seemingly life-less objects express their ‘human-like’ observations as they go about undertaking their designated tasks.

The author hopes that through these dialectic scenes the reader can enjoy a trip where absolutes are banned and doubt is a constant companion. When questioned why he dislikes absolutes so much, Ramiz responded by reciting the following dialogue he had overheard:

Glass: You seem confused. What happened to you?
Water: What do you mean?
Glass: You were clear and transparent but no more so.
Water: I paid the price for being naïve.
Glass: How?
Water: By thinking that a drop of ink is too small to affect me!