Raad Chalabi, PhD


A rabbit, upon seeing the title of this book, had the following dialogue with the owl:

Rabbit: How come you never smile?
Owl: Who said I don’t?
Rabbit: Your face says so.
Owl: Ah; that sort of smile.
Rabbit: Is there another kind?
Owl: Unpublicized, reflecting inner tranquility.
Rabbit: But then it is not apparent?
Owl: Why does it need to be?
Rabbit: We may otherwise assume you are unhappy.
Owl: Why should that concern me?

Raad Chalabi, author of multiple mind-boggling and sly truth-seeking books, offers readers another intellectually and emotionally overwhelming volume titled The Smiling Owl.

In this new and noteworthy book, Ramiz Alkhishin, a full-time grocer and sophist who also happens to be the author’s alter ego, observes that it is sometimes much easier to let animals express what humans truly think and how they behave. For one, they do not disguise their selfishness the way we do. In a like manner, unlike us, they deal with reality as it is—not as they wish it to be.

The Smiling Owl is an eye-opening discourse that exposes the raw and denied truth mankind is so keen to suppress. A series of 39 thought-provoking dialogues, each of which is a stand-alone scene, is brought to readers through the eyes and minds of incredibly rational animals. As is the case with all his earlier books, the author’s intention is to outline life scenarios for readers to consider and think about. The illusion that there is only one answer to any life-issue question is what the he rejects.