I & ME

Raad Chalabi, PhD


This book is the twelfth in the Ramiz Alkhishin’s dialogue based books by author Raad Chalabi.

In his newest book I & Me author Raad Chalabi, through forty eight stand-alone dialogue scenes, describes an on-going debate between many different characters on various aspects of life. It uses fictional dialogues in which one party defends one social norm or belief while another rejects it.

This book, as is the case with all the author’s other books, takes you in an unstoppable journey down the slopes of randomness with individual choices as the only rudder. What your choices are and when you actually make them is what life is. Once you grasp that the starting point of your downward slope and its final base are not yours to alter, neither are the unpredictable events that confront you on the way down, you will then, and only then, understand how valuable that rudder is.

It makes no difference if you think that the base of the downward slope is your final destination to nothing or your gateway to everything, either way, it is the individual choices that you make during your downward journey that will allow you to reach that base in the manner you wish.