Author Information

Author and Father 1972

Born in the middle of the previous century, author Raad Chalabi, after equipping himself with PhD degree in Chemistry and an M.Sc. Degree in Polymer engineering embarked on a journey in life with scientific and commercial objectives.

As a result of this endeavour the Author secured several patents and managed, at board of directors level, many public and private companies in more than ten countries.

Among the companies managed by the Author were software companies, finance companies and chemical companies; the companies were located in countries which are culturally diverse such as USA, Japan, UK, Russia, Bahrain, Cyprus, Spain, Malaysia and Switzerland. This allowed him to be exposed to human nature at the front lines and at its worst and best.

The Author opted to share his global experience of people and cultures in a series of books which he hopes would both entertain and cause the reader to ask questions.

Photo of Father and Author (1972) is shown herewith.