Fortune Cookies for the Politically Incorrect

Raad Chalabi, PhD


Fortune Cookies for the Politically Incorrect is a witty, sensible and entertaining compilation of life’s random, unique and interesting principles and ideologies. Colorful in appearance and in thought, this book is written in a short, straightforward and hilarious way. Meant especially for those who have a lightly malicious sense of humor, it brings forth a sense of independent thinking. Reflecting life and portraying reality, the play of words will definitely adhere to the open-minded and articulate readers who long for a sharp, yet significant humor.

From depicting the laws of the universe, seen in the urban and rural environment, to colloquial expressions of modern-day living, and pushed further into the raw expressions of the innate human trait of cynicism, intellectuals, who enjoy a good dose of metaphor, will definitely smile, nod, ponder and burst in extreme laughter as they go through the spellbinding pages of Alkhishin’s exhilarating book.