Raad Chalabi, PhD

Aside from his first book, Software to Money, in which the author, Dr Raad Chalabi, documented his business credentials and experience, his following twelve books were based on a view of life that a fictional character called Ramiz Alkhishin has. The latter is a grocer who shuns traditional thinking and avoids trendy lifestyles.

The Ramiz Alkhishin series of books(Fortune Cookies, Sketches, The Bazaar, The Balcony, The Lobby, The Tango of Gossip, Why Me, The Smiling Owl, The Whispering Molecules, The Broken Horoscope, The Gossiping Numbers and I & Me) are all dialogue-based books depicting a variety of stand-alone scenes and involving many different characters.

The books are intended to reflect the ongoing intellectual battle between a 21st century tribe known as peddlers of certainty, who believe in eternal absolutes that are free from human contamination, and a clan from the same century, known as managers of chaos, who see the management of unpredictable and random events that confront humans as the only reality there is.

If you are a supporter of the former tribe or a defender of the latter clan you are both welcome as settlers within the covers of the books.

The dialogues in the books are neither with you or against you they just say whatever you wish them to say depending on how you interpret what is said.

As a reader the author invites you to bathe yourself, as the electron does, in a sea of possibilities and continue to swim until you no more can. When that happens, do what the electron does, namely collapse all the possibilities into a single choice and let us hope that it is a wise one. What is a wise choice the reader may enquire; one which is not irreversible would be the authorís reply.

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